Mixed-use Investment Properties

A diversified portfolio is within your reach. Loan programs tailored to meet your needs!

A diversified portfolio is within your reach

Sprout's Mixed-Use Program helps you extend your Investment reach! Call us to get started (800) 462-6470

**As of 12/3/2021, this product is based on a rate and term refinance loan with 70% loan to value ratio, a 740 credit score, paying 1.25% discount points, on an owner-occupied principal residence, an interest rate of 3.77% and APR of 3.87% for a 40-year loan with an interest only period for the first ten years and fully amortized payments for the remaining 30 years of the 40-year term. Your loan terms and interest rate may be different depending on your credit score, your loan to value ratio, how many discount points you pay, when you lock in your interest rate, the property’s occupancy type, and other factors.

We understand that today’s savvy investors need tailored lending solutions that match their unique real estate objectives. That’s why Sprout’s flexible qualifying guidelines make it easy to purchase and refinance a mixed-use property. Call today for a great deal!

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Mixed Use Property Loans were created specifically for the purchase or refinance of properties that combine residential and commercial uses, such as apartments and retail or office space.


Sprout Mortgage is a leading national lender providing investors with mixed-use loans. Qualifying is easy. For a mixed-use property purchase, we’ll look at the total projected rent for the subject property. For a refinance, we’ll look at the actual current rent amount for the entire property. No bank statements required!


Qualifying Properties Include:

Up to 8 units with a maximum of 2 commercial units
Up to 4 units with at least 1 commercial unit


Loan Features:

 660credit score required
 Loan amounts up to $2.5 million
15-year,30-year, and interest-only loan options available
Qualify at 100% Debt Service Coverage

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Other loan features include:

Mixed-Use Investment Properties (commercial + residential units)
Loan amounts up to $8.5 million
Highest LTV Options - based on your property's Debt Service Coverage

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