Mortgages for Self-Employed

No W2? No Tax Return? No Problem!

We have loans designed specifically for all Self-Employed, including Gig workers.  We specialize in Bank Statement Loans! No W-2 or tax return required!

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**As of 12/3/2021, this product is based on a rate and term refinance loan with 70% loan to value ratio, a 740 credit score, paying 1.25% discount points, on an owner-occupied principal residence, an interest rate of 3.77% and APR of 3.87% for a 40-year loan with an interest only period for the first ten years and fully amortized payments for the remaining 30 years of the 40-year term. Your loan terms and interest rate may be different depending on your credit score, your loan to value ratio, how many discount points you pay, when you lock in your interest rate, the property’s occupancy type, and other factors.

If you are among the 15 million Americans who are self-employed, you’ll be glad to know that we understand how your financial profile can be different from borrowers who earn a regular salary.

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We understand...
You love your freedom, you appreciate flexibility and you’re ready to purchase a home, but you don’t have all the documentation that typical mortgage financing requires. At Sprout, we use different percentages of revenue based on the type of self-employed business you operate.
If you’re self-employed and looking for a bank statement mortgage, look no further!
Sprout Mortgage is a direct lender specializing in mortgage loans for the self-employed.
Sprout’s most popular self-employed mortgage loan
Lets you qualify based on your bank account balances, so you won’t be asked to submit documents you don’t have. For these loans we use a proportionof your revenue shown on your last 12 months of bank statements as a measure of your income. No W-2 or tax return required!
The Bank Statement Mortgage Loan For Self-employed Individuals
Is designed for those whose true income is documented by their bank statements.

Here Are Some of the Great
Features of Sprout’s Bank
Statement Loan

Credit scores starting at 660
50% DTI
Max loan amount $8,500,000**
Min loan amount $100,000 (owner-occupied and second homes)
3 to 12 months PITIA (principal, interest, taxes, insurance and association dues) & reserves (based on loan amount)

**$8,500,000 CA properties only, $4,000,000 for all other states

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Also Available

Whether you’re a small business owner, yoga instructor, seasonal employee, freelancer/contract employee, or investor, Sprout can help you get a mortgage!

Asset Depletion Loans

Investor Debt Service Coverage

Ideal for individuals with substantial liquid capital (more assets than income), the Asset Depletion program permits borrowers to qualify based on their assets up to 50% DTI.
Designed for those whose income is derived from property rentals. Use the cash flow from your rental property to qualify.

Here’s How We Can Assist You in Buying a Home

Other loan features include:

Use bank statements to determine your qualifying income
Loan amounts up to $8.5 million
Credit score as low as 660

No W-2, no problem! Call Sprout today to talk to one of our expert loan officers for more details on how to qualify for your self-employed mortgage loan, or complete the form.

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This communication does not constitute a commitment to lend or the guarantee of a specified interest rate. All loan programs and availability of cash proceeds are subject to credit, underwriting and property approval. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions apply.